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Modern Bathroom Lighting To Transform your Powder Room

Accent lighting, task lighting, wall sconces and ambient lighting are four elements of proper modern bathroom lighting that you must consider when giving your powder room a makeover. You can find all your contemporary lighting by


You Might Be Ready for Summer, but is Your Home?

Summer is here! The weather is stunning and our homes should match that, right? Well, it’s not always easy to find a style that fits for a very long time; most of us just make do with what we’ve got until we have the time and money to change it. That being said, our homes should be warm and inviting all the time so what can we do to make it easier? Where to begin? Often a daunting question, but let’s think logically. I’d start with colours, as these will provide a base for everything that comes after. A warm…


Cute terracotta tiles inspired by nature

Very beautiful and spectacular 3D ceramic tiles with natural motifs of French design company KLS. This terracotta tile is beautiful with the leaves not only visually, but also to touch.


Funny hanger for keys

Hanger for keys – petty, but a necessary thing in every home, because every happened – put your keys, and then in the search, and that you do not waste time on it unusual hangers will attract your attention, because if they are not only there, but still and look original – they are a pleasure to use. Now a lot of ideas hangers for keys, we have chosen the most exclusive and interesting, but also very convenient, for example magnetic hanger for keys.


The use of hand in the interior

Designer Harry Allen has created a collection of hands for different uses in the interior, thus diversifying the range of hangers, candlesticks and vases. The hand can be easily attached to the wall, the result is a hand extended out from the wall with the original vase or candlestick. It looks as if someone pierced the wall and pulled my hand through it with flowers or candles. It looks funny and the idea is quite original.


The unusual patterns on the walls

The corporate identity of Karim Rashid’s easy to learn at first sight. It manifested itself in a new collection of vinyl wallpapers designed for the Italian brand «Glamora». It is traditionally used bright colors and computer patterns which violate the usual understanding of the geometry of space. Drawing on the walls like a never-ending kaleidoscope of exciting the attention of the casual observer.


Women’s corner in the the bedroom

Every girl has a their own area in which she directs and creates its beauty. In this corner of girl keeps her cosmetics, various bottles of toilet water and jars of creams, as well as possibly jewelry and accessories.

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