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Funny and unusual houses for birds

If you like the singing of birds is to hang a birdhouse, and that it was not just a small house for birds, but also unusual decoration for your garden – do it some unusual. For example, it is just possible to make a bird house out of an old teapot. And to what does not only come up with ideas for wooden birdhouses . Someone is doing in a barrel, someone – a miniature of the house with windows, a veranda roof with a chimney. Someone paints the birdhouse paints, someone – leaving unpainted wood.


Beautiful Mobile Home EleMMent Palazzo

This wonderful home for dreamy created a huge bus home in a futuristic style. Not everyone found himself in such a situation, even in a stationary hotel somewhere, and in EleMMent Palazzo has a fantastic stuffed with leather furniture, a bathroom with marble tiles and of course with kitchen and bar with light-music to boot! And if you descend to the guests, the side wall extends easily, thereby increasing the space!


How to decorate a flower pot with his own hands?

A very simple way to design flower pots with their hands below, small photo instructions. So, for the decoration of the flower pot in the style of pop art we need: – Terracotta flower pot – Bright clippings from magazines – 2 Brush – Glue (glue for decoupage or simply paste) – Acrylic paint black, or bright color – Nail topcoat


The Japanese Paper Vase

The Japanese are famous for the fact that the paper can make anything from a beautiful craft, origami, to furniture and even buildings. Thus, the Japanese company Torafu Architects presented its “paper project” under the name Air Vase. However, it can turn out not only the vase.


The creative flower vase

A wonderful idea occurred to Brazilian designer Ricardo Saint-Clair (Ricardo Saint-Clair). Instead of gluing the note on the refrigerator, pinning their original magnets, you can write directly on the vases for flowers. Provided that there is a piece of chalk, and these vases – a series of Chalkboard Bud Vase. Design vase is not intended for bouquets or floral arrangements to fit her except one or two small flowers or dried “by heart” rose. The case vases, justifying its name, it looks like a school board in a nutshell – it is here that you need to write a note…

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