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Romantic interior Valentine’s Day

February 14 – Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for lovers to express their love for the other in the language of gifts and symbols. Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide every year. This favorite holiday of all young people increasingly spread among Russians. Many people flock to the gift shops in the desire to give to your loved ones something special. Flowers and cards, chocolates and balloons – favorite and popular purchases for that day. But the most desirable gifts one who learns to understand the language of a partner, his innermost thoughts and desires. Valentine’s Day is better to…


Bright Vintage

Vintage – a special style, concealing a unique and noble. And even with the effect of aging performed, all the interior details are fraught with a certain elegance and grandeur of the past centuries. Because vintage is a style emulated the old days, it’s a big trampoline and any other sport equipment here hardly fit harmoniously. But the spacious library and a fireplace room will be the highlight of your home. Essential attribute of this style is a bouquet of dried flowers, which put in the family room. And the color is better to choose the field and give them…


Ideas on transforming the old furniture and interior

It’s safe to say that at some photographs of “before and after” is so attractive that you can spend a lot of time with friends and family showing miraculous transformation tatty furniture. Today’s collection is devoted to furniture, the fate of which after some work has changed radically. Think about it: plain wardrobe or chest of drawers, which earlier tried to hide in the most inconspicuous corner and held only because of its functionality, after the “tuning” began to occupy the most prominent place in the house! And it is only thanks to the owners and the sharpness of their…


Making your ceiling

Most prefer to see on a plain white plaster ceiling. Most often this is due to lack of belief in the need to change anything in this part of the room, but there are those who think the white square on the head cavities truly ideal. Probably, these hypothetical people are just not aware of the great number of interesting ideas for decorating ceilings.


Beautify your offices reception

Because the first impression is the most important one… Make sure visitors to your reception room are as comfortable as possible with these modular sofas which can be placed individually or together. The leather-look fabric (and all additional foams and materials) are regulated to 0, 1 and 5 fire retardant levels. It is delivered fully assembled and complete with 1 year guarantee. This is available at Viking Direct for £249.


Beautiful glazed balconies

This means that it can be equipped with as much as you want – even an office, even a mini gym, even a relaxation room.


Summer Home

We are tired of winter, like heat and bright colors? This post is for those who are so ready soltse, summer, and flowers. Flowers, perhaps, will be the primary source for inspiration and maintain the necessary air as long as possible.

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