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Modern projects by PHX Architecture

The Phoenix Arcadia Estate is a glamorous classic residential manor rooted in the desert of Scottsdale Arizona. The estate is 8916 square feet and features a conservatory, pool house, guest casita, and a large dog run. And although it is located in the newer and more modern Arizona neighborhoods, the home portrays a feel of an earlier mid Atlantic generation which fits nicely in the baron neighboring desert. It is unique in that it is an uncommon style in the surrounding area including a stone exterior, curved arches, soft lines, and wood beams. Although uncommon in the desert, the home…


Tips for Choosing the Best Washing Machine

The one household appliance that we all take for granted is washing machines – finding the right model is not always as easy as you might think. This is mainly because when they very first came to market more than 50 years ago they were actually two separate pieces of kit: a washer and a spin dryer. Soon these became merged into one unit but still you had to manually move the wet clothes from the washer drum and into the spin dryer compartment next to it. Today, of course, the modern design means there is just one big drum…


Fluffy and fun carpets in the interior

First of all, owes its fame Nani unusual design rugs. The quality is also at the height – this allows the designer to sell their products in 45 countries, including the eastern part of the world. But the history of fame Nani Marquina began in the 80′s of last. Сonservative of Barcelona did not take bold ideas novice designer and founded in 1986 his own company in 1987, Nani has released his first collection.


Stairway to escape cats

Cat – is graceful and freedom-loving animals. But very often they become reclusive, sitting in the four walls and sad glances out of the window. Many residents of high-rise and high-rise buildings are wondering: “How to help your pet to freely leave the apartment, and then just as easy to go back?” When you live on the first floor, the problem seems to be no, but if at the entrance door with a combination lock – the walk becomes more complicated. Some owners have solved this problem originally – contrived for their pets special bridges or ladders.


Lavender color in the interior

Lavender color, pale purple saturated, so to speak, and it’s true name, and purple and lilac. Lavender – the color of inspiration. Lavender color in the interior calming effect on a person, relaxing, it refreshes the interior and uplifting. Let lavender color present in your interior, maybe our large photo collection interiors lavender convinces you follow this advice.


A beautiful combination of aged wood and metal

The combination of artificially aged wood and metal combination creates a strong design in one piece of furniture, or in the room. The essence of artificially aged wood, aged metal underlined stiffness, combines the full identity and the visual volume. Distressed metal and wood – natural materials and therefore their unique beauty. Full of color and texture, these two elements will fill any space with energy. Have you started a repair in your home or just want to work with the trend in its space, see our photos for inspiration. Mixing materials have never been so bright.


Cozy Cat Longcroft Hotel in London

Quite a luxury hotel with five star service and gourmet restaurant, opened recently in north London. An important detail is the establishment – all guests must be able to mow. In short, the new hotel Longcroft is only for cats.

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