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Potted plants in the interior

Indoor plants add freshness and comfort in any room at home or apartment. These fans are going to amazing collections of household plants and flowers, and no matter how many of them rare, sometimes even two or three instances can add charm to the interior, as well as maintain a good mood in the house owners. Where there is only your imagination and desire, you can build an amazing decoration for your interior. Plants and flowers can be combined with each other and with fresh-cut flowers, combine with natural décor and fun items that fit every time to pick the…


Exquisite collection of garden furniture

Romantic and elegant design, as are the materials steel, aluminum, teak and beautiful quality fabrics. You can choose from different colors and shades. Minimalist, stylish, elegant and refined – that is not enough your garden. This furniture looks as if it is made from the leaves of giant arms of nature.


Garnish with a summer terrace

Use of tissue – this romantic and practical solution. When choosing fabrics for decorating terraces or other rest areas (pergolas, gazebos, tents, canopies) adhere to the following principles: Garden or terrace is best to choose natural fabrics – linen and cotton, they are well miss the fresh air. Such fabrics to choose white or light pastel tones. Range of artificial tissue has its advantages – unlimited color palette and resistance to fading. Such fabrics like organza, have to be translucent. Usually the fabric is chosen either to match outdoor furniture, or as a contrast color scheme. Here you can create…


Fashion for bonsai

Bonsai in the open field has recently become a promising trend in landscape design around the world. Initially, this trend originated in Japan, is the Japanese art of bonsai is a whole science to various schools and techniques of molding. Bonsai garden does not differ from traditional Japanese, the main difference is that the size of the garden bonsai can be arbitrary. Basically, to create a tree in the garden are used are familiar to all pruning, pinching and vaccinated. As a material for the future of bonsai suitable young plant a fruit tree, unusual specimens. Even the most unattractive…


Alpine garden

Rock gardens have become a familiar part of garden compositions that mimic the natural mountain scenery. They can be built on a plot with any relief, without the help of a designer, fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Rock garden is a rocky garden planted with plants in a particular order, the choice of which should be handled with special care. Plants should get on with their future neighbors, consider the time and timing of their flowering. The most appropriate place for the device rock garden will be well-lit place, the existing slope. But do not make a hill under…


Garden in the style of the country

Landscape design is a combination of a very large number of styles and trends that can be said in some confusion from the widest choice, the proposed design options garden. First we need to determine the order in which the site will function and what are the opportunities for its implementation. In order to convert their land to the garden, which will serve as a place of rest, but at the same time do not have the hassle with its design, will most likely opt for a country style. Country style, yet it is called a village, it is one…


A small house in the garden

A small house in the garden is very convenient, first, you can store things for the garden, or just hide in the garden of all. In a small house in the summer children can play, read books, and do a hobby. Incoming search terms: small garden house , small house gardens

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