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Plants on batteries

New and unusual pot plants on batteries just press and aims to increase urban residents who want to grow plants at home. You just need to carry batteries and 1 liter of plain water to grow plants, and above all not required extra care! The system will inform you when the need to change the water, or batteries! It is very simple and convenient.


House in the land

Beautiful house overlooking the Colorado River called Edgeland House. I must say that it is in some sense to give odds, for example, the famous Hotel Capital Hill, which was designed by Zaha Hadid commissioned by Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin for stunning Naomi Campbell. Although investments invested in this project is much more modest, but nonetheless, Edgeland – it is a beautiful and complicated reconstruction Pit-house, in which lived a long time Native Americans.


Garden of Eden in Norway

“Flor og fjære” – a small tropical garden of exotic plants on the island near Stavanger in Norway. Given the latitude (north of Moscow!) And climate, typical of coastal areas, this garden is very surprising! It was opened in 1995. Sad young, many exotic plants were planted recently (most trees growing in the open ground in 2004, with only trahikarpusy 1998) This is a family business that includes not only the tour, but also the organization of all kinds of events as well as two restaurants with excellent cuisine. Of course, efforts to keep all this splendor require substantial. The…


Levens Hall Gardens

This garden is located in the heart of Cumbria and is the most beautiful and oldest garden topiarnogo the UK and around the world! Was a French garden designer Guillaume Beaumont (Guillame Beaumont), the creator and some other English gardens, such as, for example, Hampton Court, but to this day live only Levens Hall. The gardens were established in the late 17th century, and the property itself for four centuries earlier.


Beautiful garden in New Zealand

Beautiful garden in New Zealand, a private garden Maple Valley. Rob Davison manages captive breeding of plants in partnership with their parents in southern New Zealand. They are the owners of this beautiful garden. Since 1970, the garden grew and occupies 25 acres. It is open to the public every day from 9 am – 5 year-round, is accepting donations to pay for.


The original bed on the lawn

The original bed on the lawn with a cart. It seems that the right of the cart that’s just poured colored jewels. Particularly impressive is a flower bed will look a little far away, consider this when planning for its location. Used only pansy in different colors. If you pick double beds grade picture will look sharper and richer. Big plus viola that it blooms from early spring to autumn, which will decorate your flower bed area for a long time.


Arranged houseplants

Houseplants add comfort and freshness in the interior of the apartment. True fans are going to a stunning collection, and not nearly as important as many of them rare specimens – sometimes even 2-3 species of plants can add charm to the house and keep a good mood. In this collection we have collected ideas on creative arrangements of indoor plants, if you have the desire to show imagination. They can be combined with each other and cut flowers, choose the type of harmony and color of the container, combine with natural decorations and fun stuff.

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