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Flowers on your balcony as the beautiful garden

With the arrival of the heat, many residents of megacities go to cottages, to admire the verdant trees and shrubs, as well as primroses. And throughout the summer vacationers will be able to enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers and enjoy their fragrance. Do not be upset by urban dwellers who do not have suburban areas. Organize a mini garden can be on your balcony and just a modest area, not to mention the premises and more. The main thing – to bring the love of nature and beauty in your heart, and then the transformation of the banal balcony…


Lampshade with their hands

Want to make a lampshade to the country, say – is difficult, nothing like that – it is easy! The material that will be required – is in any hardware store. A need, a set of lights, it is sold in the department of light in the garden department buy a vase for flowers and linen twine, and where are selling hardware for doors and locks, pick up just such a work piece with a hole in the middle.


Designer vase in the form of little people

Dressed up for the holiday – self-evident process. Elegant woman with flowers – birthday girl, a smart man with a bouquet – a guest at the festival. A man smartly decorated with flowers on the table or bedside table – it’s one of a series of designer vases Bloom My Buddy. “Flower comrades” by union of designers Niels van Eyck (Niels van Eijk) and Miriam van der Labbe (Miriam van der Lubbe), it’s something like vases toys for those who are not yet fully farewell to childhood, and in still love to create outfits for the dolls, pets and children…


Combined garden bench.

Often in gardens and home gardens arranged combination of garden benches. They are comfortable, beautiful, practical, durable enough. Popular combination of metal and wood. Comfort and warmth of the wood used in the bench seat, and durable metal supports and wrought-iron headboards. Other combinations are allowed: concrete, stone, wood and forging, stone and metal.


Metal Garden Bench.

In order to make a wrought-iron bench seat on a soft, often use special mattresses or pillows that are tied ropes to the bench. Such a solution will make your stay comfortable and cozy. Also, you will not only soft, but warm – removable mattress you can lay on the bench, even in cool weather and take pleasure in the outdoor recreation.


Stone benches for the garden.

The main feature of the garden benches made ​​of stone – it’s durability. As a rule, they are made of coarse-grained granite, colored or white marble, quartzite. Benches made of rough stone set in the gardens of a landscape direction. In the gardens of the systematic style benches are made of smooth, treated stone. But, because of the high cost of the material, such benches are set infrequently.


Bench in your garden.

The most convenient place to put the corner of rest and garden benches – a cozy, quiet place, in the most picturesque corner of the garden. If Croft has a large area, the bench or bench or placed along the garden paths in the end, at the entrance to the house, pool or fountain. Perfect on garden benches placed on the lawn, you only have to lawn grass was resistant to trampling. Look great and have to rest benches that are in the hedge, the green arches and pergolas. Not far from the vegetable garden, you can fit a bench…

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