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How beautiful options to arrange a balcony with flowers

Is not too late to plant them in pots and containers so that they have time to make you happy for its wonderful colors. By the way, thanks to the spectacular containers, even the most ordinary flowers can look very unbanal. Do you want to focus just on the colors, let them be little, but the picture has to be charming? Feast your eyes on an interesting mix of different flowering and – options for decorating the balcony hang-downing, twine and large plants that can be added to the total composition. Enjoy your stay and successful findings!


Examples gorgeous summer gardens

Vertical gardens are a part of human existence since the year 500 BC., When King Nebuchadnezzar II built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, to cure homesickness that troubled his wife Amitis. The therapeutic effect of gardens and gardening practices have also enjoyed long-standing Eastern philosophers. Vertical gardens offer modern people the opportunity to develop the necessary and almost lost touch with the ground, regardless of whether they live on the ground level or on the fourteenth floor.


Bright flower stands at home

Original stand for indoor gardens, are a self-sustaining system of vertical indoor planter, which can also serve as a room divider as a wall. Brooklyn designer Daniel TROPHIES invented this great regiment called «Live Screen» and presented in section SaloneSatellite at the Milan furniture fair (Milan Furniture Fair) in 2013. System of internal planter using technology hydroponic cultivation methods and make indoor gardening available in a limited space of urban housing, in addition, this invention provides a unique and functional piece of decor. The water supply system simplifies the process and makes the automatic production of plants and herbs in your…


Old chair as a stand for flowerpot

If the old chair completely unsuitable to be used for its intended purpose, then it is possible to make the perfect pot for garden flowers. That is to say, a portable bed. For this purpose, in principle, nothing need besides grinder which will drill holes cover from sitting chair.


Hand Made things for the garden of the bottles

The idea to decorate the house or his house served as the good old plastic bottle. Hedgehog from a plastic bottle – turned out very cute. Well, where else can you find such original pots for plants? A plastic bottle cut in half lengthwise. Make a hedgehog muzzle of thick fabric, such as burlap. Simply wrap the edge of a plastic bottle and glue the fabric. Eyes make of buttons or beads. Hedgehog from a plastic bottle is ready! Hedgehog from a plastic bottle and looks great as a decoration for gazebo, and as decoration for flower beds.


Gorgeous furniture for your garden

Perhaps you think that if there is garden furniture where you can sit and while it would have a roof, so it’s only garden swing. But, as a collection of unusual garden furniture, which itself creates a shadow, do not always have a roof just swing for the garden. In this post is a stylish garden furniture – chairs and sofas, which cover your head from the sun cool and pleasant shade.

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