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Metal Halide Lamp from QisDesign

Beautiful lamp was made by design-studio QisDesign from Taiwan, the lamp itself is LED lamp Coral Reef. This lamp – a unique, innovative, elegant, this lamp will be favored and beautiful object in the interior. The lamp was made by hand, and took a really long time, but it takes a really long time.


Elegant Chair Oxoye by designer Dzmitry Samal

These wonderful chairs can make a special and interesting atmosphere, and give the interior charm and elegance. These beautiful chairs created Dzmitry Samal, it created an interesting project for the popular movies Soca. Design furniture is very similar to a car seat is made in the style of retro and futuristic style. This chair is made of the simplest materials, plywood, and beautiful metal inserts. Chair of the firm is given with different prints.


Attractive carpets MANGAS

Modern designer made a collection of magnificent carpets MANGAS. Carpets are made of bright and colorful blooms and they are produced in the shape of slaves. All carpets are made from an assortment of woolen threads, all carpets are interesting and unusual shape, all the carpets are very interesting and colorful.


Very functional table with a set of shelves

Designer Reinier de Jong has made an interesting coffee table. This plan created a modern table that gives an interesting comfortable and functional rectangular table made of wood, this table can be decomposed in several forms, looks very interesting. This table can be used for storing books, magazines, so that they are not scattered all over the house. The customer can choose the material, which he likes, oak, beech, what you most enjoy.


Ideal glamorous chair of contemporary designer Kasper Salto

These elegant chairs created by designer Kasper Salto, gave the name of this chair – NAP. This designer appreciates the functionality and practicality. This chair is used for long drive it. This chair is named NAP – as this transcript, normal, active and passive. This chair is very curved and feminine lines, the seat adapts to each person, it is designed for ease. The chairs come in different colors: black, milky, white color.


The compact design of the sofa GamFrates

Design Studio has created a new sofa GamFratesi Haiku, a sofa is produced in the classic Japanese style savoir. This sofa looks very nice and beautiful, it is cozy and comfortable. One side of the sofa hard and sofa inside is soft and comfortable. It can be felt just sitting down or lying down on it. This sofa has a few models, and it is designed for 1 person and 3 person.

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