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Beautiful sofa gray green

This furniture is good for the cheese everyday, boring gray monotonous routine. But in the end everything will be fine, because the front is bright and cheerful, full of band life! And the furniture, like and gray, so calm, everyday, but inside  so bright green. But the green freshness of youth, and even the color of life.


Bookshelf with plants

For the first time we saw the green furniture collection Nautinox Greenline Collection in April at furniture fair in Milan. The Italian manufacturer has recently introduced a new bookshelf with a structure that allows the climbing plants spread over all the shelves. The lattice of steel is softened by wooden shelves and green plants – the perfect combination. Nautinox manufactures furniture for the court of environmentally friendly materials. The same pattern they used for the collection of furniture: a metal frame painted with paint without volatile organic compounds that can withstand water and has no toxins.


Beautiful White Table «Melted Snow»

The studio has developed from Bucharest AAStudio table «Melted Snow». It all started with the idea of creating an original piece of furniture that would be modern, innovative, but most importantly, it should be a symbol of everyday life: the table. We wanted to use corian in all possible ways. Corian – a very strong material, it is non-toxic, non-porous and can be absolutely any conceivable shape. Form the table reminds Mount «Babele», covered with snow. Corian was the perfect metaphor for the snow that covers the table.


Lamps and furniture from Design Roberto Fallani

Italian painter, sculptor and jeweler Roberto Fallani (Roberto Fallani) is known for his unconventional approach to the creation of exclusive furniture art sample. His work is often perceived as interior decoration, art objects, steampunk sculptures and installations, even though they are full-fledged pieces of furniture, and is able to perform its core functions.


Table Lamp Chocolate color

Light Chocolate Modern Table Lamp from the studio Nemo Cassina. He looks so appetizing, and it seems that out of it right on the table pouring soft, sweet, freshly brewed hot chocolate.


Air openwork shade

Decorative wicker lampshade can be made of many different materials. Thus, the new brand MARK Product – a collection of lamps «Ribbon», is made by hand from bent plywood. Thin strips, wriggling like ribbons or chips, distract the attention on himself and hide inconspicuous LED elements that give a soft diffused light.

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