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The chair is constructed of metal mesh

Beautiful and interesting Wirepo Eames chair is constructed of steel with a special chrome finish. A chair is a one-piece wire frame with glamorous and beautiful upholstered in leather or fabric is also of high quality. The chair seems very thin, but this is misleading, as it is very hard. Moreover chair holds up to 150 pounds, and the different styles of chair cushions will make an interesting and unusual.


Bright and beautiful chair with a round shape

The HELLO bright chair was made by designers busk + hertzog as a special gift for Kylie Minogue on the company’s Danish Broadcast Cooperation. A round, open and such a fun to look at, it literally beckons to come closer. Originality and uniqueness of the product form the basis of the collection, produced in 2002. Hello chair is not only a memorable appearance, but also special amenities.


Elegant lounge chair

Modern Designer Mathias Demaker made the a great model of chairs for your comfort Basket, the manufacturer is well-known firm Softline.


Beautiful glass cabinets from Vitrina Collection

Modern studio designers Hierve did a beautiful collection of glass cabinets Vitrina Collection exclusively for Case Furniture. The latest invention of a simple piece of furniture has to move away from the simple appearance and shrill colors and patterns are intriguing and pleasing to the eye.


Unusual sofa Bungy from Leila Diamonds

Convenient and comfortable sofa would not miss the TV remote. The young designer, who is an alumnus of the University of New Bakingemshirskogo Leala Dymond has created an interesting and economical sofa. Due to the ropes that interweave sofa, and they very firmly hold objects. The strings can hide small everyday items: magazines, books, remote controls.


Chic chocolate brown sofa

«Hocky» – is a series of multifunctional furniture designed by Polish designer studio «Merely» – MarcinWielgosz. The furniture set consists of modular segments, which can be varied: to combine into a comfortable sofa or use each separately and individually. Also «Hocky» universal in that it has armrests that converts into a table. Here’s the description from the designer: «Hocky» – is an economical project, especially in terms of form, its main purpose is to provide high functionality and comfort of use.


Beautiful lamps from designer Benjamin Hubert

The London Festival of design projects in 2012 by designer Benjamin Hubert has presented a series of lightning – “Chandeliers Tenda». Projection Series combines the materials that relate to a variety of industries: glass fiber mesh – manufacturing industry kites, Lycra – industry manufacturing sportswear, 4 way stretch elastic – Industrial production of underwear and basic equipment design – the production of manufacturing tents. The designer says that the main component of chandeliers is multi-layered textiles. Externally lamp covered with a four-microgrid high quality that gives it volume and lightness. Inner layers manufactured from Lycra which distorted light.

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