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Bright furniture Bokja from Lebanon

These bright interiors, comfortable seats are built on the basis of a complex woven fabric, these items have created a Lebanese designer Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, they made interesting and vintage chair with beautiful vintage ornaments. Designers are buying old antiques, and update their old life, buying beautiful materials from Asia.


Chest of drawers in a house

Interesting designer Jesper Ståhl presented on display interesting project-dresser in a house with a beautiful window, fancy dresser so that the size of it is the size of a sheet of A4 paper. A resilient and user-friendly design makes it usable. Sam chest size matches the size of A0, and the doors and offices – from A1 to A8. The small door set in different colors makes this an interesting dresser.


Zingy chair by designer Gaetano Pesce

Serie Up 2000 – this is a great chair by designer Gaetano Pesce, which is made up on the chair and ottoman. This handy piece of furniture was first made in 1969, and basically shows the female body and the ball. You can select a chair in beautiful colors: dark blue, bright scarlet, bright yellow, blue and dark green and vintage striped orange and beige color.


Bookcase or shelf for bicycle

The bookshelf was made and a shelf for the lovers of cycling, this shelf would look perfect in the interior of a modest apartment where there is no place to put the bike, and the good news is that you can also place your books, magazines, and other appurtenances. This regiment will learn a lot about the host, as shown bike rack on display. In modern homes this regiment will be very convenient.


Transparent table by designer Xavier Lust

This glass table was created by designer Xavier Lust. This table has been created thanks to some experiments with the metal surface, and the hot glass processing. This glass table was made for the campaign FIAM. This table is unique in that it has three points of support, and he has no legs. Worktop height is 15 mm and the glass thicknesses of 19 mm. Connecting parts are made entirely of stainless steel.


Individual designer furniture from Stellar Works

Popular famous brand Stellar Works creates interesting and comfortable furniture; designers skillfully combine the past with the future. The high technological level and quality materials can match the demands of the customer who is willing to expend. The furniture of this caller is able to decorate the house as well as a business office, or store, in principle, any room.


Designer chairs Cair One and One Chair

German designer Konstantin Grcic has created a modern chair in a minimalist style, it is very functional and compact. The chair is very different from other chairs, this chair looks very comfortable and beautiful, and more youth. The chair has stolen aluminum as three-dimensional structures, plates fused together with each other and is a cost structure. Incoming search terms: Designer chair

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