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Interesting decor bottles

Simple glass bottles can be an interesting accessory, not only be the container for water or other beverages. Some bottles are a good accessory can and some can and are functional, for example to make a bottle candle or lamp.


Funny Light “Scatting dog”

Modern designers from Sweden have created fun and interesting light fixtures in an unusual manner. At the foot of the lamp is the character that looks like a dog that goes to the toilet on the big one. To be convincing a handful of designers has made the switch to which you can come by foot. Among the people in these fixtures is a great interest, and they are often buying.


A beautiful chandelier in the form of a flower made by Metallux

These beautiful chandeliers resemble flowers asters, chrysanthemums and lilies, and more than that they have a wonderful flavor and spring. These beautiful pendants were created by Metallux. This beautiful pendant is very beautiful, but these lamps are very large, up to five feet, and are suitable for rooms with high ceilings. Beautiful chandeliers are made of chromium or copper, and custom designs can be overlaid with gold leaf.


Children’s lamp in the form of clouds

This cloud was made for children’s rooms, and a lamp, night light as well. This wonderful lamp has created a Japanese master – Zhao Liping. Such a lamp will be enjoyed by any child. A model of this lamp looks very realistic, and even with the long view it seems to be floating in the air.


Shelf and coat rack all in one

These shelf Latvian designers have created a studio MAJO, thanks to this shelf can store a variety of accessories that can be hung in the closet. Shelves made of aluminum, and have been powder coated. The client can choose the color according to taste.


A cozy fireplace table in your home

A young but promising designer from Luxembourg Michaël Harboun created this unique table with a fireplace, he used artificial stone Corian for a combination of a table with an open fireplace. This table will be a wonderful object that will decorate a home or apartment especially in the cold season, which is already approaching.

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