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Design children’s rooms

Every child should have a room that would be his castle, a place where they can keep their secrets, dreams and plans. A large children’s room for three people. Blue combined with green make the room pleasant for both boys and girls. Incoming search terms: children room , child room , children rooms , غرف اطفال


Design bedrooms in dark colors

Bedroom – an intimate room where there is no entry prying eyes. Style solution for a bedroom may be different from the style of the whole apartment, but most importantly it must be tailored to the individual needs and tastes of its owners. The furnishings and decor of the bedroom require special attention. Huge impact on the nature of the bedroom has a color and quality and type of finishing materials. Color scheme plays an important role in the formation of an interior bedroom. Style bedroom, one might say, is determined by its color scheme. Defining colors bedroom main thing…


Modern and Practical Bedroom

This bedroom has been designed from the Viz Art for travelers so that they can feel comfortable. The interior is new and very modern, encouraging their dreams far away places. Although diverse, the room on the home design shows an elegant and graceful appearance. The tree is present in everything, adding warmth and nostalgic cabin-like feel. With multiple directional light place, beautiful lamps and bed are two main ceiling light, the atmosphere can be instantly “update” at the touch of a button. The space is divided intelligently to ensure greater functionality. Yacht in waves over the bed, souvenirs and boat…


7 Ideas decorating Bedroom

Deep shades The bedroom is your personal space where you can truly discover their design skills. Choose a bold and colorful bright purple or dark pink for the walls and team with a simple black, white and gray accents for a sophisticated, great view.


10 Super Chic DIY Headboard Ideas

Decorating your bedroom can make a pillow vydleit beautiful and bright colors. There are so many ideas for the back, you can get a very interesting and beautiful, without having to make a general head. Beautiful back can save your money and show your creativity. People use a variety of materials, ranging from mirrors, wall decals to door frames and picket fences to create beautiful unique backs, and come up with ideas for one can sometimes be difficult. Many times it is difficult to determine that the head will fit your decor. Or, perhaps, you have a limited budget and…


Harmony of colors in your bedroom

Most of us love flowers, but not everyone knows how to combine them so as not to make them tedious or depressing. Color is life, energy and vitality. You can think of an eccentric, but the choice for your bedroom design of a bright color palette, it loads in the morning with energy and jauntiness. You need to choose colors that will soothe you in the evening, and a cheery morning in daylight.


Country Bedrooms Ideas

Simple country bedroom Create a soothing style in a country bedroom with simple pastel linens, chalky walls, and minimal accessories. In this scheme, a carved upholstered headboard and a striking piece of wall art add definition. Incoming search terms: country bedroom

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