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Bath with the natural scenery

Bathroom for many is not so much an area for swimming as a place for a quiet and relaxing holiday, and perhaps thought. The best way to feel the most relaxed in the bath – it is surrounded by the beauty of the natural landscape. Green foliage rather contributes to the fact that you have a sense of well being. By the way, there are several ways in which you can play around with the look of your bathroom.


Bathrooms Wood

It’s a wonderful parade bathrooms inspired diverse traditions of different countries, shows how to find the pieces of inspiration in these luxury bathroom sets around the world. These interiors are not intended to give an idea of typical homes or bathrooms in a particular country, but in order to take a pinch of flavor from each culture, mix it with a good dose of flavor and the sea of fantasy. Typical “Tuscan” turn in the interior emphasizes the old wooden beams, painting a dark spot on the background of gentle ocher shade rest of the room.


Accessories for the bathroom and laundry room

Accessories for the bathroom and laundry room. Convenience in the interior plays a very important role. You can choose these ideas to make your bathroom better. Incoming search terms: small laundry room ideas


Bathroom Fireplaces

Bathroom fireplaces – probably not all available, but great! We all know that a warm bath is a good way to forget about the problems after work. How can you make your bathroom even better for this task? To the fireplace there. A warm fire crackling of burning wood, and soft light is perfect for creating a relaxing mood. Now install the fireplace in the bathroom is not too difficult. There are many semi-portable electrical solutions and they are almost as good as the built-in fireplaces. Beautiful, unusual, and cozy.


Small and Functional Bathroom

If you are going to redecorate your small bathroom or design from scratch, post today offer simple tips on how to do this, and as a bonus, a lot of inspiration! You’re probably wondering how you can make a small room the washing function, without sacrificing aesthetics.


Bathroom: layout and decor

Bathroom – one of the smallest, but most capital facilities in the apartment. However, in recent years, together with cash and investments grow square footage. Incoming search terms: bathroom layout


The bathroom in the open

Real paradise: with the stars, pebble floors, a waterfall, a sink, more like a boulder, and a bath in the form of a nut shell.

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