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Decor ideas for the bathroom

Bathroom design consists not only of the form or appearance of the tiles plumbing. It is very important color decision, and the scale of finishing materials (tile size, picture size, color) and dimensions plumbing fixtures. In small spaces, do not use large tiles (eg 45 x 45 cm) and bulky equipment, and dark shades and large paintings on tiles or panels.


The Future of Audio Visual Bathrooms

It’s always interesting to consider what the future might bring in terms of design, in particular when the design relates to technology within the home. What’s even more interesting is looking at what the future might hold in regards to technology within the bathroom. Televisions within the bathroom are becoming more common but what more can we expect to see? Let’s explore the future of audio visual bathrooms.


Children’s bathroom

As you know, some children do not really like to wash, do not want to brush their teeth and generally relate to hygiene as tedious duties. In this post, we will describe the 10 tricks – how to make your bathroom a fun and interesting place in the eyes of a child, which would go to him in joy.


Italian bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture: a special emphasis on quality and only the best materials – these are the secrets of success of Italian firm Componendo particularly good at Italians brilliant, both literally and figuratively, things made ​​of stainless steel. Italians used to the maximum ductility of the metal. Their new collection of striking elegance of the lines and the perfect performance.


The Top Five Trends in Updating a Master Bathroom

The definition of a “stylish” bathroom is always evolving, and many folks are finding that when it comes to the master bathroom, keeping up with the Joneses simply doesn’t fit their budget. Modern bathrooms are about creating a comfortable sanctuary without stepping on Mother Nature’s delicate toes. Here is a list of five of the most popular master bathroom trends and how to affordably recreate these looks in your own home. Incoming search terms: bathroom trends


Modern Glass Bathubs

Maybe you’ve seen some of the collections of glass and / or transparent bathrooms on other blogs, and even though some of these baths can be in this list, it also has some new and more modern designs, you can rassmatret new variants transparent baths. Practical, comfortable and unusual.


Interior design ideas for the bathroom

If you ever upset by the fact that a small proportion of the bathroom limit the ability to implement your vision of beauty and comfort, this project will try to at least inspire you to hope!

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