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Nice interior for small bathrooms

Professional designers have found a way for a small bathroom, you need to include fantasy + masterful selection of furniture and plumbing fixtures can save precious centimeters to more important things. Even a small bathroom can be comfortable and beautiful.


Bathroom design in gentle tones

Beautiful and spacious bedroom is interesting is the fact that it has two windows, it has a zonal division with arches, and it has access to the bathroom. Also in the room is equipped with a place to work. Many beautiful decorative elements show us the beauty of the interior, and perfect color combinations and scales and speak about harmony in the design of this room. Bright maroon blankets stress conditions in the room, because it lead quiet pastel tones. Bright red armchair for reading, which stands at the window particularly in soft colors. In this case, upholstery chairs are…


Gorgeous Women’s bathrooms

Women’s bathroom – what is it? Bathroom tells all about his mistress, because it is a continuation of her character. The main features of the feminine bathrooms – traditional female colors and soft graceful forms, whether tub on legs or round sink. It is mandatory that a large mirror, and better – a few, and an abundance of comfortable fabrics. Bathroom French style gives the girl love luxurious life and expensive, and the bathroom in retro style – a lover of classical music.


Beautiful sink-cup of Artceram

The company is Artceram washbasin Cup, which is several times larger cup. He is clearly designed for those who have a sense of humor, and who does not lose, hurrying to work early in the morning. Product Dimensions 75x50x85sm. Washbasin is made in two versions – black and white. On the handle of the cup is a special place to place soap, toothbrushes, and other accessories. This sink-cup fits perfectly in the interior of any style – classical, modern, minimalist, etc.


Round bath

Round bath is – one nice, sense of style and excessively large bathroom? Agree in all but the last. Fashion today round tubs and sinks are available to any interior and any area. Depending on the material and color performance round tubs and sinks are suitable for almost any style of interior design: the traditional white bath of solid stone bathroom design will give a chic and elegant, made ​​of wooden planks bath barrel will complement rustic style, and the round plastic tub futuristic bright colors suitable for modern bathroom. If you are concerned that a large round tub did…


Retro style bathroom

To make the vintage style bathroom is enough to place it in some decorative elements with a touch of antiquity. For this ideal older vessels, copper soap dish and other boxes and chests. If space allows you can set with elements of retro furniture (chair, chair, dresser) or decorate the wall antique mirror. Even not the usual thing for the bathroom, suitable to create entourage. In the design of the bathroom is important to consider the combination of light, color match and materials from the interior and temperament owners.


Bright bathroom interior

Beautiful bath differs from conventional bathrooms his carefully thought out, stylish design. Thinking styles and the bathroom in the first place, the designers aim to create beautiful and functional room in which it will be pleasant to retire and recuperate at the end of the day and cheer up, and tune in to a working mood, in the morning.

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