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Beautiful yellow bath

Cheerful bathroom with African motifs – what you need of a host with a sense of style and sense of humor. Yellow wash rounded brightens up all the pathos of the rest of the bathroom: darkened corners, zebra on the floor and black textiles create a mystery, almost surreal landscape. Simple and functional cupboard under the sink is so capacious that no other furniture just does not want to – you can give all the space under the decorative elements.


Funny Collection of bathroom of Rui Pereira and Rosuke Fukusada

Milanese designer Rui Pereira and Japanese designer Rosuke Fukusada created a collection for bathrooms called «Bug». This collection is part of a design exhibition «Another Perspective», where groups and individual designers from all over the world gather together to interpret their own experience with a private bathroom. Here is a description of the designers’ collection «Bug» was created in order to form and strengthen the deep ties between the bathroom area and the rest of the house with the help of special furniture technologies. We aim to use natural materials, which thus can coexist with a moist atmosphere of such…


The ideas and design the beautiful windows in the bathroom

In recent years, modern bathroom ceased to be a small-size dark room, and becoming more and more like a full room with a special case and upholstered furniture to relax and keep things on the ceiling chandeliers, sconces on the walls, and even full-fledged windows. This is due to the fact that the bathroom is becoming an ideal place for relaxation and repose. Having a window in the bathroom can solve several problems at once: visually expands the space, helping to bring to life a variety of design ideas, saves energy during daylight hours of the day and also will…


Modern bathroom with shower

Perhaps this is one of the latest inventions of unusual bathroom. Note the egg-shaped shower enclosure, which has created a designer Arina Komarova. When you get into the cockpit to take a shower, it closes and protects your space from splashing. In addition, it is both a shower and a tub with a spa system. In the cabin relaxing integrated lighting system, which will allow you to completely relax and forget about problems. This shower, to date, is just a concept, and it can not be purchased right now. Soon, it may be a breakthrough in the trend of bathroom…


The most striking interior restroom

Want to create an original and creative interior of toilet room? Then these photos for you! Interesting design ideas and decor of this room will not leave anyone indifferent. Bright and vibrant colors or interior of toilet room in the style library, the use of all kinds of mosaics to decorate – all this and more look no further.


White bathroom

Design white bathroom will never get bored! Clean, quiet, simple but stylish white bathroom each time will surprise you with a variety of options for decorating. To make the design white bathroom dynamics, use the game with textures, let part of the floor will be filled with concrete, the other part is lined with snow-white ceramic tiles. Walls can sheathe the wood paneling or just paint waterproof paint.


A bathroom in modern style

The bathroom design in a modern style – it’s clean lines, clean confident color and natural materials. Minimalism at its best.

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