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The White House on Guemes Island

American Home, which is located in Washington state on the island of Güemes (Guemes). The idea of the interior of the house – a combination of minimalism, white and natural wood in the interior. With white color all clear, by the way – even outside the house is completely painted in white, and the tree here – it’s open rafters, it has now become very popular not close them, but simply to paint or varnish, a wood frame in the windows, doors and a ladder on the second floor of the cottage. Minimalism in the interior of the house is…


Funny House – a snail in Mexico

The architecture of different countries does not cease to amaze us with its diversity and uniqueness. Country Mexico is no exception, but on the contrary is original in architectural creations. She has learned to skillfully combine modern architecture with colonial times.


A maisonette on Chokolovsky boulevard with Intelligent House

OWNERS Tatyana – “Cavio. Podol” furniture salon owner, Pavel – an individual entrepreneur Metric area 140 sq.m Number of rooms 3 Ceiling height 2.7 m Tatyana and Pavel moved into a three-room apartment on Chokolovsky boulevard two years ago. They were attracted by two floors and a floor-to-ceiling nook window with a panoramic view.


A spacious tree-room apartment on Vernadskogo prospect in a minimalist style

OWNERS Elena – an artist, the author of M.EL Studio Interior Art project, Alexander – works in engineering business Metric area 122 sq.m Number of rooms 3 Floor 4 Ceiling height 2.9 m Alexander purchased an apartment in a house under construction on Vernadskogo prospect about three years ago: he was attracted by the district convenient location and many educational institutions for children nearby, taking into account their plans for future. The repair in a free concrete perimeter with two loggias lasted eight months after the construction had been finished. The couple determined the stylistic direction of their future dwelling…


The original wall paintings from PIXERS

Pastel colors in the interior as ever at the peak of popularity. And it seems that this trend is not long out of fashion. American studio PIXERS, known for its provocative collections of wallpaper, introduced a new line of modern wall murals in soft muted shades. Soft like a velvet surface murals visually expressive, not aggressive, so that would be appropriate in large and small-sized room. These pastels are easily combined with modern elements of furniture, accessories and textiles, as there are in the palette catalogs of many manufacturers.


The color in the interior with cornflower

The blue color in the white interior of this apartment is dispensed, distributed portions in all rooms. Quiet, but a bright blue calms, adjusts to the concentration of work, meditation, quiet reading, intellectual games, such as chess or poker. To the blue color is more prone men, so the interiors of blue or blue patches are considered to be masculine. Men see in blue his element, full of strength and confidence.

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