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Merry Mobile cottage on wheels

Sometimes we want to travel without much cargo, and take almost all the things for the sheer convenience. It is for these special cases created an unusual mobile cottage «De Markies». The uniqueness of this trailer is that it can be expanded as a tent, making this an unusual way a lot of extra space to use. Originally, it was a miracle of design exhibited at the fair in 1985. Created this unusual house architect Edward Bottling.


Beautiful home in Melbourne

Traditional brick facade of this house in Melbourne deceptive. This villa redesigned Agency Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture. Separate color spots enliven the space which is formed as a shaft.


Interesting style loft in San Francisco

This brick hangar loft redesigned studio Edmonds + Lee Architects and is located in San Francisco. The panels from floor to ceiling, glass, shiny silver balls reflecting light, and a giant shower in the center.


Beautiful apartment in Stockholm, a post-industrial area with a circular balcony

OWNERS Yuel (interior photographer, a student of the Royal Institute of Technology) and Alina ( recruiter in the international recruiting agency) Metric area 72 sq.m Number of rooms 2 FLOOR 6 Ceiling height 3 m Alina and Yuel purchased their apartment in a comparatively new district Hammarby Sjustad (literally: “town by the lake”) southward of the island Södermalm, where the main boutiques, coffee bars, restaurants, and bars of Stockholm are situated, a year ago. Free ferry goes to Södermalm from here every 20 minutes. The district itself was industrial some time ago: textile factories, other industrial buildings, and a sea…


Amazing apartment actor Gerard Butler

Gerrad Butler – Leodin famous king of the movie “300″. He proudly sits in one of the chairs of its spacious loft, which is located in the central part of Chelsea, one of the boroughs of New York City. Actor apartments occupy two floors of the former warehouse and decorated in the style of Hollywood scenery art director Elvis Restayno. The unusual design of the spacious loft is consistent with acting roles popular Hollywood stars.

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