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Folding Dining Table & Mirror Idea by Porada

This is a mirror and a table. A mirror unfolds into a modern contemporary folding dining table. The Folding Dining Table from Italian company Porada is a really interesting piece of furniture. This piece of furniture can be used as a mirror and hanged on the wall when folded, and it can also be used as a neat folding table especially when your dining space is limited. Incoming search terms: folding dining table , dining table


Kitchen Splashbacks – Fresh Ideas

Add Pattern Who said a kitchen should be plain? Patterned kitchen tiles are becoming more and more popular as they bring a decorative element as well as being exceptionally hardwearing. Avoid bright white grout, which can be too stark and has a tendency to look grubby pretty quickly.


Ideas for Wooden Kitchen Flooring

Ecora solid oak A good-quality, solid-wood floor can last for decades as long as it is looked after properly, and wear and tear over time will only add to its charm. Choose oak for a classic, country look. Incoming search terms: Kitchen Flooring Ideas , kitchen flooring , flooring ideas , kitchen floor ideas


Design Idea – Butterfly Chair

Butterfly chair known as the BKF chair, it was originally designed back in 1938 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and remains an international icon. Check out some of these awesome spaces, outdoors and in, where the funky Butterfly completes the picture.


Spa In Montreal Floats – Unique Idea

There’s nothing quite like a tranquil day at the spa with nothing but you and your thoughts to wash away the stresses of the week. Take any spa and add in a view of Montreal’s port, great finishes and couple that with actually being on the water – and you’ve got “Bota Bota” Scandinavian Spa. Sid Lee Architecture was awarded the design and construction of this ferry renovation back in 2008, and the team decided on sticking with the boat/porthole inspired designs and playing off of the water based ideas. The architect shares that the end result is a “multisensory…


Idea of Geometrica Armchair

In 1978 shortly after the Proust armchair was produced it became recognized as an icon for twentieth century furniture design and quickly became one of the most renowned reference points in the search for form and aesthetic perfection. The chair was created by Studio Alchimia and features an ornately carved and hand painted wooden frame.


Traditional Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom with built-in bath This inviting country-style bathroom features a compact built-in bath in an all-white scheme. White towelling accessories and flowers soften the look. Incoming search terms: country bathrooms , traditional bathroom designs , panelled bathroom ideas

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