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Wallpaper Ideas for Living Room

Vertical stripe wallpaper Make a smart style statement with a bold vertically striped wallpaper. Here, a claret-coloured paper anchors an otherwise neutral scheme. Try opting for unusual materials too, such as silk, to really pack a punch. Incoming search terms: bedroom wallpaper ideas , wallpaper ideas , wallpaper ideas for living room , wallpaper ideas for living room feature wall


Mid-century Ideas for Modern Home Office

1950s-inspired home office Inspired by post-war simplicity and the beauty of natural shapes and materials, mid-century modern is the perfect choice for serene 21st-century homes. Follow our steps to create the same serene feel in your home office. Incoming search terms: home office ideas , mid century modern homes


Organised Ideas for Home Office

Get a desk with a view Place a trestle table next to a window for an ideal desk that can be easily stowed away if you need the space. Use recycled glass containers and plant pots to keep your desk clear from clutter.


Home Office Decorating Ideas

Simple space For those whose jobs require plenty of space to spread out – architects, interior and garden designers, for instance – a large desk and an uncluttered, simple space are key. Here, an oversized canvas in bold blue is mounted on the wall to personalise the simple white scheme; build the colour theme by using it in your choice of accessories and create a neat and co-ordinated environment.


Drama Style Ideas for Dining Room

Dramatic dining room The dining room is one place where you can go to town with a really dramatic scheme. Don’t shy away from the glamorous qualities of black. Far from being drab and depressing, it can bring a whole new depth to a room. Want to recreate the look? You can, in just 5 easy steps. Incoming search terms: dining room ideas


‘Shelter of Nostalgia’ Modern Idea by Worapong Manupipatong

Manupipatong’s Shelter of Nostalgia is currently on exhibit at the BACC, featured in the show “Politics of ME;” a show focused on different artist’s personal experiences, now through August 12th, 2012. The piece aims to bring both adults and children back to a familiar place and give the user a place to dream, to imagine and to ultimately be free. Manupipatong’s vision was to bring back memories to adults of what it was like to have smaller bodies like a child. The minimalist structure, built of pine, encircles a column as three hut-like structures stack on top of one another…


Smart Storage Idea: Table and Chairs Fit on the Shelf

We love smart storage solutions, and this bookcase by Orla Reynolds definitely fits the bill. Many of us like to have table and chairs in the living room, but sometimes we find the problem that the room is so small between the sofa, coffee table and bookcase with TV cabinet almost does not fit all. Brightly coloured tables and chairs are hidden in plain sight between the shelves of this bookcase by graduate designer Orla Reynolds. They easily pull out from the bookcase when needed and the two purple tables can be placed together to form a larger dining table….

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