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Interesting wall hooks from the company Thelermont Hupton

This collection of interesting hooks made by Thelermont Hupton. Just hook was set in an unusual composition. These lifts are designed for different purposes, in different forms of expressions are made, the most interesting “Rock and roll is alive!”. All hooks perky and upbeat, and they will never be left unattended.


Autumn decoration with apples

Every autumn, in the month of September begins the harvest of apples, and sometimes there are so many that they can not only eat, but also create beautiful decorations. Commonly associated with autumn yellow and red, the cool weather and perpetual rain. Begin the holidays, and often come to visit on a warm mulled wine. Apples help inspire ideas for home decorating, or any kind of event and celebration with your family.


Funny Light “Scatting dog”

Modern designers from Sweden have created fun and interesting light fixtures in an unusual manner. At the foot of the lamp is the character that looks like a dog that goes to the toilet on the big one. To be convincing a handful of designers has made the switch to which you can come by foot. Among the people in these fixtures is a great interest, and they are often buying.


Small and handy kitchen

Nowadays it is very important functionality and compact size for any room. On these photographs show a comfortable and a little kitchen that will not take up much space in your home. The photograph shows the simplest dresser, but opens the top cover as we offer a compact kitchen. Under the top cover can be found: a sink and the two boards also have drawers for storing dishes, and there is even a refrigerator for food storage.


A beautiful chandelier in the form of a flower made by Metallux

These beautiful chandeliers resemble flowers asters, chrysanthemums and lilies, and more than that they have a wonderful flavor and spring. These beautiful pendants were created by Metallux. This beautiful pendant is very beautiful, but these lamps are very large, up to five feet, and are suitable for rooms with high ceilings. Beautiful chandeliers are made of chromium or copper, and custom designs can be overlaid with gold leaf.


Children’s lamp in the form of clouds

This cloud was made for children’s rooms, and a lamp, night light as well. This wonderful lamp has created a Japanese master – Zhao Liping. Such a lamp will be enjoyed by any child. A model of this lamp looks very realistic, and even with the long view it seems to be floating in the air.


Funny table with a cache where you can hide things

Interesting table, we often meet with shelves tables, and doors, but less common tables with cache, so the table will appeal to many, especially those who have something to hide. In such a cache can be hidden not only money, but also the old letters, postcards or photographs. This table is also well suited for the executive who wants to conceal documents and securities.

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