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How to Make the Most of a Corner Desk

At work, at school and even at home, the humble desk as long been seen as an essential piece of furniture, whether you’re learning or earning. However, unlike the desks that older generations would be used to, desks not come in all different shapes, sizes and even, colours.
One of the most practical desks to come out of this design explosion has been the corner desk – but how do you make the most out of this innovative design? Here are a few tips.

Save Space

The corner desk was created to save space, as unlike their larger, and much more rectangular contemporaries, corner desks are designed to fit into a small space, thus saving room in the home, office, college or school. There are many different types of corner desk available, from larger double-sided desks to smaller curved units and some can be ordered to fit a particular gap in the home. This makes them extremely useful and almost a necessity for people who live in small apartments.

Save On Clutter

If you’ve worked at a desk before, then you’ll know how easy it is to fill your desk up with clutter and trash, such as old papers, personal items and even other people’s belongings. However, if you have a corner desk, you’ll know that depending on the space you have available that clutter simply won’t be an option for you, as it’ll eat up what space you have. Having a smaller corner desk can inspire you to be more proactive in keeping your desk clean and tidy, which could also help to create a more productive workday.

Keep Fit

Standing desks, are experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the moment due to the health benefits of standing as opposed to sitting for long periods of time. Many corner desks can also be adjusted for height, and can also be very beneficial to your health and help to keep you fit and active while you work.


The larger models of corner desk have another advantage: simply add a swivel chair and you can create two separate, but equally accessible desktops. Whether you want to divide your creative work from your accounts, your college study from your part-time job, your writing space from your desktop PC, this design feature allows you to compartmentalise your life effectively.

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