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Finishing off your living room

You’ve just moved into your dream house and have already bought all of the essential items you will need. However, something is still lacking in your living room, leaving it feeling bare and unfinished. These top tips will help you transform your living room from a minimalistic shell, to a cosy and inviting lounge.

Soft Furnishings

One way to instantly make your room seem more homely is with soft furnishings.

A sofa with no cushions can look bare and unappealing. Invest in a mixture of plain and detailed cushions to add both comfort and style to your sofa. Contrasting bright colours can create a vibrant modern look or, for a more unified effect, choose pieces that complement each other.

Blinds are a great, practical option but these can leave your windows looking undressed – so buy a pair of curtains as well. Go for a stand-out pair with a statement print or design for style as well as practicality.

When the cold winter nights draw in, we want nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. Throws will not only make your sofa look more appealing: they will be great for wrapping up after a long day battling the elements.


While wooden and tiled floors may be the practical option, they can leave your room looking and feeling cold. Including a rug in your room can make the room look more homely. ScS stock a fantastic range of striking rugs in a variety of designs, colours and sizes that will finish off your living room perfectly. If you are looking to make your room warmer, the thick Dumroo rug is a great option.

Lighting is another way to make your room feel more complete. Soft lighting is a great alternative to harsh, bright lights that can make your room uninviting. A selection of lamps with light coloured lamp shades will diffuse the light effortlessly around your room, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Go for a statement lamp, like this one from Ikea, to add extra detail to your room.

With all of these finishing touches, your living room will be a place you can be proud of.

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