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Adding those final touches

Once your wall is papered, floorboards are carpeted and curtains hung, it’s adding a few final touches to your room that will bring the look together and into a space that you are proud of. Linking-up elements of any room can be a tricky business, so take your colour scheme and your room’s theme and think carefully about a few pieces that will bring as much individuality to your space, as they do style.

Whether you want to complement or contrast, make sure you implement these three accessories to bring your décor to life.

As one of the most versatile items in your home, your rug is a prime protector for keeping your flooring in excellent condition, and is a fantastic way to add character and warmth to any plain space.

Whether you’re sitting in front of the fire or admiring your floor covering from afar, a gorgeous rug, such as the ones from Roomes Furniture, should be a staple piece in your home’s décor.
If you are yet to accessorise your home, then a rug is a great place to start; it can set the tone for your theme and give your space a focal point if you are short on cash for plush decorations. Choose a rug with two or three colours and make sure these are dotted around the room – whether on your duvet set, curtains, placemats or wall art.

Speaking of wall art, prints, pictures and paintings are a sure-fire way to add your personal taste to your home. Attracting the interest of any visitors to your humble abode, a striking print should enhance your other adornments and add as much intrigue as possible.

If you want to share your memories, creating a montage wall is a great place to start, or for a more serene style, purchasing a thought-provoking print will set your imagination in motion.
Or if you’d rather capitalise from the hottest homeware trend of the moment, integrate words onto your wall – More Than Words is a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration.

Just like music, lighting is the perfect way to give any room in your home a particular mood. Whether you want your living room to be light and airy with an uplighter, your bathroom to be relaxing and calm with candles or for your bedroom to be romantic with a dimming lamp, choosing the right fixture for your feeling is key.

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