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Modern projects by PHX Architecture

The Phoenix Arcadia Estate is a glamorous classic residential manor rooted in the desert of Scottsdale Arizona. The estate is 8916 square feet and features a conservatory, pool house, guest casita, and a large dog run. And although it is located in the newer and more modern Arizona neighborhoods, the home portrays a feel of an earlier mid Atlantic generation which fits nicely in the baron neighboring desert. It is unique in that it is an uncommon style in the surrounding area including a stone exterior, curved arches, soft lines, and wood beams. Although uncommon in the desert, the home portrays a gracious and comfortable estate that is both inviting to the eye and the soul.

The design of the classic residential manor includes very symmetric triangular rooftops that are built into one another all with steep pitches. The ceilings are raised very high and include unique arch designs and shapes surrounded by molding, creating a perimeter which adds to the depth and symmetry of the spaces within the home. The use of arches and 90 degree angles creates a unique and inviting atmosphere.

It is no surprise that this owner was brought up in the neighborhoods which employed mid Atlantic architecture. The similarities are endless as mid Atlantic architecture created large spaces that were very tall, wide, and symmetrical. The home isn’t an exact replica of mid Atlantic architecture however. Most colonial mid Atlantic homes were very tall and narrow, whereas the Phoenix Arcadia Estate is spread out almost as a ranch style home. The spread out home gives each and every room a substantial amount of floor space, as well as the unique arches and symmetry that give the rooms the effect of being larger than they actually are. The Phoenix Arcadia Estate is one of a kind and historical and well adopted home in the Arizona architecture community.

This project was designed by PHX Architecture located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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