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A maisonette on Chokolovsky boulevard with Intelligent House


Tatyana – “Cavio. Podol” furniture salon owner,

Pavel – an individual entrepreneur

Metric area 140 sq.m

Number of rooms 3

Ceiling height 2.7 m

Tatyana and Pavel moved into a three-room apartment on Chokolovsky boulevard two years ago. They were attracted by two floors and a floor-to-ceiling nook window with a panoramic view.

The repair of the apartment in a new house lasted for about a year. The owners thought out the space design by themselves. The design studio services were necessary only for electrical interconnection. Tatyana selected almost all furniture from her own salon assortment. The first floor layout was changed. The kitchen and the living-room were combined into a single space.

An Intelligent House system is installed in the apartment. It makes it possible to manage all utility systems of the apartment from one remote control. Tatyana’s favorite function is automatic lift and lowering of rolling shutters in the bedroom at a programmed time.

A green house room was arranged on the first floor. Tatyana placed houseplants, which were brought from the previous apartment, here.

Porcelain dolls collection is German manufactory Meissen.

The flower on the wall was painted by a familiar artist.

Pavel is interested in art, that’s why there are a lot of pictures of 1970s and sculptures in the cabinet. Buddha figurine was presented by friends.

There is a cabinet, a bedroom, a wardrobe room, and a bathroom on the second floor.

The wallpaper for the cabinet was found in Bergamo salon.

The favourite place in the apartment is near the floor-to-ceiling nook window. Friends advised to design the room as the bedroom, but Tatyana and Pavel made the cabinet here and they don’t regret their solution.

Undulating lines in the bedroom were designed by Tatyana as continuation of the bed curves. There is a wardrobe room after the bedroom, and near it there is the room where the boiler and washing machine locate. The lighting in the bedroom is regulated by a sensing system.

The tile for the bathroom was selected in Ceramic Fashion. The owners thought out the layout by themselves. All sanitary ware was bought in Balteco.

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