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You Might Be Ready for Summer, but is Your Home?

Summer is here! The weather is stunning and our homes should match that, right? Well, it’s not always easy to find a style that fits for a very long time; most of us just make do with what we’ve got until we have the time and money to change it. That being said, our homes should be warm and inviting all the time so what can we do to make it easier?

Where to begin?
Often a daunting question, but let’s think logically. I’d start with colours, as these will provide a base for everything that comes after. A warm yellow, pale blue or soothing green may be great for summer, but what about in four months’ time when it gets colder and darker. A pastel base, which is quite neutral but can give you a bit of colour, is a good way to go. Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest your room be so boring, we’ll get there!

Find furniture that matches this. I’m quite partial to French furniture, with having a good range to choose from. It comes in white, and is elegant with curved edges and designs. Add this to your pale colours and you have almost a blank canvass to start from. This is where it gets fun.

French Cabinet from The Furniture Market.

You can now fill your room with colour and patterns in the form of accessories and upholstery that suits your current mood. It’s easy to change when you want and you can start over as often as you want. Hence, blank canvass.

Making a change
We have our base colours and furniture already. These are warm and fairly neutral, which means that any colours or patterns added will work off them with the smallest amount of effort. Think about pictures, paintings, rugs, cushions and curtains. They might not be the cheapest things to change but they are easy, and provide a range of colours and ideas to choose from.

This whole idea is about changing your home quickly to suit your mood. If you start out with yellows and reds for summer, for example, you might want to change to some purples and blues later in the year. Either sell what you have before and buy new pieces or store the old ones away for the future when you want to use them again. If you’re really thinking about it, you might even be able to mix and match the colours and patterns later on too. The options are endless!

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