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Kitchen interiors in the English style

Comfortable and cozy kitchen in the English style in your home will be the most desirable place. English-style design of the kitchen with natural materials – glass, wood, textile flax and cotton. The distinctive layout features English cuisine. In English cuisine are most commonly used separation zones. Common use of the island as a center of the kitchen is the main working area – sink, range hood, a cutting table, and hob.

 The English-style welcome dinner table in the middle of the kitchen. This requires a large amount of space.

The color palette used in the English style is very large and diverse. Preference is given to natural shades and colors. Most often used color: beige, light green, light blue and other nice colors.

Should not forget about the shades of brown, and a variety of warm colors. Not be used bright and vivid colors, they will not quite appropriate. Its elegance will add a rich traditional golden color.

English style prefers diffused and soft light. Therefore it is necessary to allocate a lot of light, not only artificial but natural.

For the kitchen you can choose several lamps and a pair of chandeliers made of crystal for example. Beautifully combining luxury sconces and table lamps.

The walls in the kitchen have to be calm colors, and not very evident. The colors should be soft and airy. You can use a simple wallpaper with warm colors. If you do not like the wallpaper, you can use decorative plaster.

Flooring can be used – laminate, or any wood floor with light shades of wood, it is better to give preference luxury parquet. You can also select a tile.

The ceiling is to choose light colors, preference is given – white color, its background color will be good to stand out of wood, such as the use of wooden beams.

English-style furniture made of dark wood. Furniture should be chosen massive and beautiful. Instead of a plate, set the oven which will further warm the whole house.

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