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9 ideas for decorating the bedroom, in 10 different styles

There are those who customize their bedrooms by painting the walls in a cheerful and colorful way, those who prefer relaxed and warm tones and those who are dazzled by the latest fashion trends by choosing a luxury bed at Time4Sleep. The bedroom is the room of our house that probably best reflects the image and personality of those who live in and there are infinite variations to decorate it.

We have therefore tried to reduce them to 9 major types, to give new inspiration for you in one of the selected styles. Which do you like more?

1. Shabby Chic
Shabby elegance that is sweeping through the world of design: it is an environmentally friendly solution and vaguely retro feeling that comes from the United States, combining elements of creative recycling furniture in the classical tradition. Soft colors, extensive use of white and pastel shades also widely used in the nordic style. Suitable for anyone who cares about fashion … pretending not to worry about it!

2. Classic
One bedroom in classic style must be elegant and refined with classic materials such as lacquered wood, drapes of fabric, wallpaper. Yes to also elaborate inlays and workmanship, not the sober linearity. Suitable for anyone who loves to dream, even with open eyes.

3. Modern
In a modern bedroom the workings of the classic style disappear, the surfaces are polished, the surplus is reduced to make way for the true essence, dynamic and free of obstacles. Very good customizations with design touches, probably inadequate isolates elements of tradition. The right style for those who do not want to ever be stopped.

4. Colorful
An explosion of playful shades that fill the bedroom and give it the personality of its residents: the walls are filled with stickers, the fluorescent is not forbidden, but overdo it could mean having difficulty sleeping. Recommended to exuberant!

5. Minimal
If the modern decorations disappear and the surplus is reduced, the minimalist style bedroom is a real proud of rigor: square lines and perfect geometries make it an ideal retreat for those accustomed to seeing the world square. Or round. But always with great decision!

6. Eco Friendly
We continue to love the pallet, a material which is as poor as it is versatile: therefore could not miss a 100% biodegradable version of the bedroom, made with recycled materials. It adapts well to the shabby chic style and the Nordic, and is suitable for those who are used to build every success with their own hands.

7. Inexpensive
Rhymes with Ikea products attractively priced but not stylistically less pleasant. The Swedish company has learned that it is not enough to reduce costs to the bone to make the customer happy, proposing lines of bedrooms always in step with the times. Suitable for all budgets, including those where the euro have difficulty taking root.

8. Original
Originality is in the eye of him who sees it, just like beauty: it can mean decorating a wall of the room with a huge wall print or enhance the decor of many trinkets bought at the flea market on Sunday morning. The important thing is to give unique personality to the room. Best suited for those who do not hide in life between the sheets!

9. Northern
The cold Scandinavian lands have given birth to a decor that is the exact opposite: Bright colors such as snow, and a feeling of warmth and welcome that follows after the rigors of the cold outside, enticing indeed to take a hot chocolate lying in bed. For anyone who goes into hibernation in winter, basking in the warmth of a duvet for hours …

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