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A corner in the kitchen for morning breakfasts

What can be better than breakfast in the morning with someone you love? Or a still calm beginning of the day spent with a cup of coffee along with early sunlight and slight breeze? Not only coffee can take away all the hours left unslept but also the place where you will drink it. A calm corner in the kitchen -which can be organized even in the smallest one – will relax you, give you energy, and put you in the appropriate for your working day mood. Besides, such a place can become a perfect spot to collect the whole family in the morning before everyone leaves.

Why should you separate a special area for this? Dining in a specialized place is much more delightful and healthy: it helps you to relax and focus on having your meal. Eating in the cooking area or in the living room is more stressful because it feels like eating in a hurry, which is good neither for the digestion nor for your mood. At the same time creating a full-sized dining room is seldom available for an average family living in a city flat. Besides, in a small specialized breakfast zone it is much easier to create desired atmosphere.
You will not have to put a lot of effort in this enterprise. You may use a built-in cabinet, couches, chairs, and tables with curved or straight form. You may build it yourself, search for a finished set according to your test and demand or order a custom-made version.

However, this corner will most likely make you revise your vision of the kitchen design. That is why one should start redecoration not with a drill and other tools but with a pencil and a sheet of paper. First, you should develop the layout of the new kitchen with place for breakfast zone, which can become also a place for making homework or a wonderful spot for a romantic dinner with candles.

In most cases this area is put beside the window – it will give you sense of freedom, will let sunshine lit your table and will allow you to enjoy the view. However, such a position is not always possible, so the spot may be chosen somewhere else too. If so, you should provide easy and convenient access to the table and not block up your kitchen. In this case it could be an excellent solution to use a corner table – if your family consists of two to three persons they could all sit down to it without hindering each other.

If you wish to build a breakfast corner yourself, you will need to take several steps. First, you should learn that although all the solutions have the same design ideas in their basis, there are different variants with plenty of adjustable options. Look through photos and layouts and choose the one that will fit your home best. Second, you should thoughtfully choose wood for your set – it must not only fit the rest of the furniture but also be workable enough, which is even more important because you can always paint it. Third, sufficient time should be spent to choose upholstery which should be both good-looking and durable. If it is just put over the cushions it may be changed at will; if it is attached solidly you should choose carefully for the one that will not get you tired of it too soon.

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