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A few tips on how to use the vases in the interior

Many people underestimate the far vase in the decoration and interior. Someone is not taking seriously the vase in the interior. Someone keeps them in the dust in the closet and forgot about this wonderful accessories. Vases make the interior more interesting, original, and richer. Believe vases can never have enough! The main thing to choose a vase interesting and unique, and it is better if there will be a few. We’ll give you some tips how to decorate the interior with beautiful vases.

If you do not have money for expensive vases, you can do it yourself. In these modern times vases are made of different materials, porcelain, wood, ceramics, bamboo, plastic and other materials.

A variety of forms you also have thoughts and confused, which is not only the vases are: rectangular, round, potbellied, twisted in the form of a pitcher. With such a variety of hard to choose, so you should select several vases.

A few simple tips for decorating the house with vases. Vases can be floor and wall. To include outdoor vase with a height of 40 centimeters, if the vase is lower, it can be put on the table, nightstand or coffee table.

Narrow vases do not need an abundance of colors, it will be enough of a flower, you can add a couple of sprigs or dried flowers. In addition to flowers, you can decorate sequins or LED lights.

If the vase looks rich and beautifully necessarily put something into it, you can leave it blank. Typically used to decorate the vase on a holiday, and then you should choose long glass vases, glass vases or vessels, where you can light a candle, pouring water, leave a couple of petals from flowers.

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