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Children’s hut Hand Made

This original children’s tent with his hands is clearly having their liking. It can be used at home or at the cottage. Adults also will not give her to hide in the shade on a hot sunny day at the beach.

On top of each board measure out 15 cm and mark the place marker.

Swag two boards on each other. The holes should be the same.

Insert the dowel into the holes of the two boards. Please note tongue should include tight and fix the position of the boards.

Repeat the same thing for the other two boards. Put them tongue. You should get the frame.

Tuck the edges of 1.3 cm around the perimeter of the rectangle, and sew all sides. It is desirable to obtain coverage for a tent the size of 112 cm x 212 cm

Fold in half and gum prikalite pin to the corner of the coating.

Pull the cover to the frame.

Good stuff to straighten the frame. Our children’s tent with his hands ready!

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