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Bright two bedroom apartment in the residential complex “Residence on Suvorov”

Sasha and Danya – students

METRIC AREA 114 sq.m

Sasha and Danya moved to the center of the city a year ago. They moved into their own apartment in Residential Complex “Residence on Suvorovsky”. They invited the designer Andrey Yudin at once to work at the interior. The owners wanted to save spaciousness in the apartment and not to clutter it up with unnecessary details. Andrey suggested them a simple project with unobtrusive and minimalistic furniture not based on one colour.

The repair lasted for about a year. It was decided to make the walls and the floor white: universal colour was chosen so that it would be easy to change the interior when necessary. Almost all furniture was ordered in Italy and France. The owners tried to choose as laconic and space-saving objects as possible. Now they interiorize the apartment and add bright details gradually.

The clock in the corridor is the work by a famous Italian designer of the middle of the XX century Gaetano Pesce. The kitchen is combined with a large living-room, but two zones are bounded visually clearly. The owners didn’t want the minimalistic interior to look boring and monotone: in order to light it up they chose some main colours and forms which are found in many details of the apartment. For example, bright red circles. They are found on curtains, on a panel picture in the living-room, and on walls in the corridor.

More reserved colours were chosen for the cabinet so that not to divert attention away from the work and study. All furniture in the working zone is produced by French company Ligne Roset. Many books on shelves are from age-old family collection of the parents.

The bedroom was made quieter in comparison with the living-room. There is a circle on the wall over the bed. It reminds of the moon and changes its colour depending on lighting and angle at which one looks at it.

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