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Give your home an easy-to-maintain minimalist look

Clutter is never stylish! The much sought-after minimalist look can be created throughout the home with the help of this handy guide, for rooms that are beautiful, fresh and easy to keep that way!

Choose the right flooring
For many people, the dream of real wood flooring remains just that, but there is an alternative that creates the sleek, stylish look just as well: laminate flooring gives a beautiful finish and is easily maintained, even for families with kids.

Be strict
“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”, designer and artist William Morris advised, and if you want to keep your home clutter free, this would make a good mantra. Having this in mind will mean you buy less, so forget spending a fortune on styling up your home! Balance empty spaces with carefully selected items that bring some personality to your home, but never go overboard with bits and bobs. If you find that your useful belongings take up too much space in your home, read on…

Find stylish storage solutions
Demand more from the storage you put in your home by looking for innovative designs, created to make the most of the space around your stairs which often gets overlooked. Cover your clutter as much as possible to give a sleek look.

Choose the right colours
Light colours will of course make your home feel light and airy, but you needn’t settle for the same dull colour scheme all over the house. Plain white walls are incredibly difficult to keep looking fresh, so make things easier and brighten up your home with these stylish and modern ideas:

  • Go for a splash of character with pretty patterns. One feature wall with subtle floral wallpaper would be perfect for a minimalistic bedroom or living room, and will disguise marks better.
  • Stripes are in, but a rainbow of colour may not fit your contemporary décor: instead choose toned-down pastels or neutral shades in a range of tones and use for curtains, bedding and feature walls.

Mix up your materials
Gloss is big news in interior design this year, so make the most of being able to choose stylish white furniture that you can simply wipe clean!

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