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Print with bright colors in the interior

Floral motifs in the interior sets a certain tone: give comfort, peace and joy. Flowers – it’s a rare pattern that seriously mess up the room, even using it in large quantities. In fashion as modest patterns of wild flowers and pictures of ever-popular roses. Designers share floral patterns on small, medium and large.

Floral motifs in the interior effectively looked in all the rooms: the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and even the bathroom. Also, what is the solution decorating residential looks very nice, such a move also distracts from some drawbacks interior.

Deciding to diversify home decoration floral prints, you should consider the overall style, which made the entire interior of the home. A scattering of small flowers associated with the country style of country music. Especially important in this environment, the image of plants in the form of folk painting. These patterns go well with wooden furniture.

Victorian style fans will appreciate antiques. Victorian motifs subtly emphasize the old-fashioned atmosphere.

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