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The idea of how old benches to make a new

Do you value your old stuff? Or throw them in the trash? These things can be helpful. Not in the sense of the old stuff that is already fray in parts, namely the things our grandmothers. Which can still be given a second chance, a little altered, transformed by our modern pace of life, our interior.

Here’s an old couch that can be simply altered. The first thing we need to do – remove the harnesses.

Change the fabric harnesses in accordance with the color of the pitch flat interior. Under the fabric is desirable to put the new foam, batting or other soft cloth.

Wooden frame couches we clean with sandpaper from a previous paint, dust and dirt, burrs. Staining (in this case a white paint). Leave to dry for a few hours, then install the updated harnesses. Shots of your couch!

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