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Napkin from scrap environmental materials with his own hands

Eco-furniture, yarn made of plant fibers, in a fashion, a trend that is purely ecological materials. And if the prefix bio and eco is only a prefix to the name of the product and it does not guarantee the quality of your chosen product purchased in a store, things you have just created a 100% guarantee quality and environmental friendliness. And it’s not only cooked his own meals, conservation, as well as furniture and household items.

We will need the leftovers from man’s cotton belt or a very thick cotton webbing width of 5 cm color bleached linen. Napkin size of 25 * 50 cm, cut into strips of webbing length required 5 pieces * 50 cm and 10 pieces * 25 centimeters.

Arrange long strips on a flat surface, one below the other. A Thread the short between long staggered. The strips are not moving out can be a bit prokleivat textile glue, just a bit.

When the cloth is ready to sew sewing machine ball on the edge of stepping 5-7  centimeters contrasting thread.

Our napkin ready, beautiful, sweet, and no major damage to your home and nature!

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