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Beautiful decorative mirrors in the living room

Dining room mirror can be placed on the table, against the wall, above the low sideboard or on a sofa, if there was a place for him.

But for this area still has its own design rules. Let us remember that the glass and shiny metal – natural elements dining room. Therefore, the decorative mirror makes sense to draw attention!

For example, put it in a frame. If you want to add color accents in white or beige dining room – take 2-4 mirrors, frames and paint them in bright colors. Another technique – the contrast with the background wall, it can be stronger or milder. Saturated shades of walls – is sufficient background. If they are – light – perhaps you should think of accent strip.

Still, the most impressive reception for the living room – 2-3 mirrored panels above the sofa, uniformly with respect to its length. The center line is calculated simply – halfway between the back of the couch and the ceiling. If you want to maximize the effect – buy 4 mirror. Particularly interesting they look over a corner sofa.

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