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Beautiful and bright shutters in interior

Blinds-pleated blinds are often used on roof and attic Windows, as well as the panoramic French Windows. But, despite this, these curtains-blinds look splendid and perfect for the small Windows.

They can be transparent or, on the contrary, the shadow from the sun. It all depends on the texture of the material, from which are made blinds. It happens so, that the blinds let the light, filling them a room, but do not let the heat is one of the distinctive features of this type of curtains.

Being both a functional and decorative element, curtains, pleated curtains successfully cope with both functions. Depending on whether you want to hide from the sun or let into the room light is selected density and transparency of the material. Blinds-pleated blinds can be fabric or plastic. They are made in the form of the bellows, which is easily rectified and is made.

A distinctive feature of the design of pleated blinds is their wealth of color and form of execution. Color varies from white and pastel shades to dark-brown and saturated with bright colors. The form of blinds-pleated blinds can be vertical or horizontal.

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