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Beautiful kitchens combined with a spacious drawing room

A large and spacious kitchen combined with living-room, can accommodate in any for you corner. Here you can organize a small event, or to arrange with friends the day of preparation of pizza. It is very convenient, that in the kitchen there is a bar rack, which can put a fruit, or entertaining, or simply sit down to read a book. Itself kitchen decor with tiled which is similar to the brick-built, which creates a rustic interesting style of the kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen with open-plan living room dominated by a beautiful emerald blue. In the interior is also used corduroy, namely the carpet, and trimmed with chairs. Walls are painted in a lighter blue color. As the kitchen flows smoothly into the living room, a table standing between two rooms and their unites a small bar for which you can also get comfortable, or drink a cup of coffee in the morning. The table in the kitchen with a round top and he has an interesting cone shape of the legs of a large mushroom.

In the living room near dark blue sofa, which is also one of velvet, the wall is built a large aquarium, which looks good in the room, and reminds us of the sea. In this room is a beautiful carved ceiling, making it longer, but the room broader and 2 beautiful oblong chandeliers. You may notice that there is no room in tables or cabinets as the owners chose to make shelves built into the wall of the living room. On the lower shelves are plants, and the things which must come to all of us.

Large semi-circular room in the interior of the owners used a lot of cold tones but the furniture is comfortable and practical. Dining place is very convenient combined with a kitchen and a living room. In the interior we can see the unusual semicircular arches, the construction unusual at first glance because we are used to see the square of the room. A dining area and a seating area also shares a small threshold. In the living room a lot of artificial light, which is located in the roof and it was the right decision so as a room with a low ceiling and chandelier you would not look.

In the living room is also assigned to the area for making guests. Glass little table, and bright blue chairs with comfortable seats. On the contrary dinner table located the beautiful glass shelves, which are similar to the dining table. On the shelves of the owners have placed the dishes, a little bit of plants for beauty, candlesticks but the rest of the shelves is empty. In the corner of the dining room is a beautiful plant. The main lighting directed at the dining table is also an additional source of light is a large window.

Here we can see a small bar, which can put food. A kitchen with the living room a small breakfast bar separates her. Beautiful figured ceiling with an extensive a chandelier that gives the lighting throughout the room in spite of the fact that in this room, 2 windows. In the recreation area is simple but very comfortable leather sofa.

To the bar a dining table that is very practical and convenient. And in the kitchen and in the living room there is a dining table, you can choose where you eat. Dining area in the kitchen is more simple, chairs iron but with a soft seat and very comfortable that you can direct the light on the table. In the living room table and chairs are made of wood, but the part of the table is made of glass.

A kitchen with the living room is made in dark colors, there is plenty of green color, pleases the eyes. Living room and kitchen are combined very competently and interestingly they are separated by a low bar counter, which may be a work area for cooking, and also to serve and a place for dinner, or breakfast here, as your soul wishes. Also over the counter in the kitchen and the living room is made of the window, which means you can make breakfast and pass it through the window, sitting on a couch.

Unusual decision jewelry gender. We see that the owners have included fantasy on the floor and they have a piece of the sea. Note on the kitchen floor which is combined with living-room, in each room is different materials, but how good they look. Beautiful tiled mosaic lined neatly, and looks harmoniously with other shades of tiles and laminate. Even the carpet was picked up in color scheme.

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