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Retire to a fancy chair

In small apartments placing a large amount of furniture and creation of personal space is often a problem. However, there are some mandatory pieces of furniture that simply needs no matter how small the room was. And then for us to have the support of multifunctional furniture. Milanese designer Emanuele Magini (Emanuele Magini) has created a bed, sofa and armchairs in a bottle and called his creation Sosia.

Created for Italian brand Campeggi design, as we have said, combines the sofa, couch, chairs, and besides completely separated from the outside world by walls made ​​of thick fabric.

Sosia has two seats, which quickly transformed into a necessary in this situation, a piece of furniture without any difficulties to bo.

I want to get some sleep after dinner – we shift two chairs, should be laid back in the middle and pick up the wall. As a result, we are completely isolated. It creates a small cozy space to relax. And if you are awakened by a call at the door and came to visit a friend – not a problem, just a few movements of your Sosia transforms into two comfortable chairs where you can spend a lot of time, as the seats get a comfortable and soft.

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