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Light from paper tubes

Do not know what to do with a lot of magazines and newspapers? Do not know what to do with them? Do not rush to throw them away. Journals can be used for the interior, for example, to make an unusual lamp made of paper tubes.

Cut the paper into strips about 15 cm and a length of 15-20 cm Fold them into the tube. The edges of the glue with white glue.
Such tubes have to twist a lot (from 50 to 100 units). The number of tubes depends on the shape of your future luminaire. Once all the rolls are ready to wrap them with white paper (paper or any other color of your choice).

Now lay out the foundation for the future fitting. Since it is in this case spherical, the bottom layer of paper tubes we put five tubes. Each connection tubes glued together with white glue.

Next, gradually climbing up we increase the diameter of the mold, and then decrease. Leave it to dry completely.

Now find the original form for the light, the light bulb. Insert the bulb into the base, and then put on an unusual shade of paper tubes.

Unusual lamp made of paper tubes ready!

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