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Reincarnation of the old chandeliers

Old chandelier we liberated from textile lampshade, washed and painted all the metal parts of a conventional acrylic white paint. Let’s leave it to dry completely.

In the store to create jewelery to buy a lot of creeping beads (you can also use plastic or acrylic beads) and beads imitating imitation pearls. Next strung beads or string to create jewelry (it is more durable than conventional thread). Make a few threads on 1.5-1.8 m

Now just throw a strand of beads on the frame of our chandeliers, we fix a thread on the fasteners (top metal frame) for loops of beaded strands. And then, as in a chaotic manner, attach glass beads in the form of drops.

Everything – the chandelier is ready! And let it not crystal or Venetian glass, but it also shines and shimmers with new colors!

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