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Nautical decor

Who has not arrived from the warm coast is probably only going to sea. If you are here, you could not help but bring a bit of sea pebbles, sand and shells. Well, if you still want to, I recommend another resort and purchase a starfish or sea urchin. From all this you can make a lovely home decor sea.

The basis of such decorations are plastic balls. How to decorate the balls with the help of a rope we have already mentioned.

How to attach the shells to keep the ball shone. To do this, there are two ways: Bead-based paint in white (or what you think is necessary), and then glue the shells on the superglue. But there is a drawback of this method – shells will fall not exactly because of round ball shape (see the photo, the ball on the right). Use construction putty tile. Apply it on the same side of the ball on her stick shells, remove excess solution, allow to dry. By the same method, and to a second side. There is a downside, and this method – the process is a bit complicated.

Decor from broken shells – shells to break up mid-size, apply to land the ball with a thin layer superglue vykatat ball in broken shells.

Repeat until all shells covering the ball.

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