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Kitchen Design from Charmean Neithart

To create the design of this beautiful kitchen was used predominantly white. This is absolutely justified – the kitchen is small and the use of other, saturated colors overloaded to a small area. White kitchen – a classic, you can love or not to take, but he could not refuse. Clean and spacious – this is what gives the feeling of this kitchen.

To kitchen space was reminiscent of the operating room, designer Charmean Neithart diluted cool white light turquoise ceiling and contrasting dark floor. In addition, the wall was adorned with a very bright mosaic. This added element of warmth and home comfort to the room.

The facade of the furniture is white and black countertop. This is not only beautiful, but also practical. Table top is around the perimeter of the kitchen, which is very functional. Striking combination of black and white emphasizes the good taste of the owners, and contemporary, well-designed kitchen.

Large cupboard has an upper transparent glass façade. Therefore the enclosure visually “dissolved” and does not overload the space. He fitted into the interior. This solution visually add a small kitchen footage and emphasized the ease of furniture. Carefully selected dishes supports the specified general style.

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