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The Retro-Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen made in a retro style with addition of industrial strokes settles down in one of the Madrid houses.
Designers faced a difficult task while planning kitchen – how to divide kitchen and dining room space and not to reduce the area visually. The space of kitchen and dining room is integrated and divided at the same time. At the owners’ request big doors from glass and metal remain open, uniting dining room and kitchen zones in one big space.

This method perfectly works when many guests come to the house. In addition, the transparent doors, used for divide, never execute this function up to the end because they, we will repeat, transparent. We also love them for this multi – functionality.

White oak furniture with surfaces from stainless steel is remarkable and very durable combination both in esthetic and in practical sense. The kitchen island as though separates kitchen from a dining room zone. The pig-iron columns, left after repairing the house, look original and give brutality to a retro style.
Such material as glass not only eminently suitable practically to any interior, but also allows to expand room space visually, to give an intelligence and singularity to the interior.
Colors of furniture and elements of a decor were chosen are quite universal. White, beige, brown and black colors are perfectly combined among themselves, don’t make the interior heavier and allow to decorate kitchen in compliance with everybody’s requirements. The severity and simplicity of industrial style are combined in this kitchen with the breath of history. Owners used subjects of old times and interesting trifles which emphasized identity of the room and good taste of owners very favorably. Brick walls, pipes, wooden beams, the rails fixed on walls, decorations from metal, household appliances in the retro style look perfectly in a combination with modern lockers and subjects. Besides, all these features give the kitchen an inhabited look which all consider cozy.

Simple lamps, finishing by metal, accurate lines of furniture fit the interior great, and modern stylish elements of the kitchen interiors of last years do it unique the cozy. It is the working atmosphere in this kitchen as though the owners are always ready to receive guests and share the secrets of their best culinary masterpieces with them, and at the same time the atmosphere of tranquility doesn’t leave guests indifferent. Friends and relatives will visit these hospitable owners again and again to spend pleasant evenings in the unusual kitchen.

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