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Comfortable room in the house

The main thing in the lounge of the house – to form a comfortable atmosphere. Usually the equipment lounges discharged specific areas – attic, pool, pool, etc. It is important to choose the best colors and style solution, which will be set up on the peace and tranquility. In the interior design are found necessarily comfortable chairs, sofas, ottomans. Potted plants and compositions thereof are also widely used to create comfort.

In the large room under the seat for the rest devoted virtually all space. Strategically positioned in the middle of the room sofa and chairs, a small library. The highlight of the interior was the weatherstrip sofa on which is nicely situated and observe the scene outside the window.

Large, spacious room was a great place to rest the big companies. Its interior is designed in oriental style – warm rug on the floor strewn with cushions, a low sofa is located along the wall.

Nothing is more fascinating and does not set a romantic mood as the open fire. Fireplace in the interior of the wall usually costs. An interesting design decision was to make a fireplace in the middle of the room, and around it to create a recreation area.

Billiards – a kind of leisure activities. Pool table in the house have a favorite leisure activities of all family members and their friends.

Hanging chairs – furniture a great option for communication and privacy.

Original solution – make room for rest in the middle of the room, deepening it to the floor

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