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The original pot with their hands

So, in order to decorate the garden with beautiful original pots you need to buy a bucket right size for cement tiles, building grid, grout for tile and material for jewelry (pebbles, pebbles, plastic figurines).
If you do not have pots, you can take the usual buckets that are available at any hardware store.
To pots were the same and looked harmonious, prepare small stones, pebbles, or any other available material. Choose something inexpensive, because it will need a lot of decoration.

A small amount of cement for the tile is applied to the bucket. Next on the bottom of the bucket to punch some holes. Cement plant the building grid, forming a mosaic of pebbles.

After that use grout for tile, mosaic to look more clearly and there were gaps between the stones, which can become clogged with dirt.

Only after complete drying grout mosaic wipe cloth and rub to a shine. Beautiful pot for your garden ready!

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